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Occupational Health Care International, (OHCI) was founded by David W. Johnson, who is currently our CEO. Dave is a native of Utah, and has extensive practical knowledge in the drug testing profession. Dave graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Education. Upon graduation, Dave worked with the Upjohn Company as Medial Sciences Liaison, where he assisted five major medical school hospitals in defining clinical research projects for Upjohn. Ten years later he became Director of the Substance Analysis and Management (SAM) Laboratory at Associated Regional and University Pathologists (ARUP) at the University of Utah Medical School. Dave has lectured extensively on drug abuse, including presentations to the American Academy of Clinical Chemistry, and the Tenth Annual Conference for Troubled Youth in Custody, and locally to the Utah Motor Transport Association. Dave envisioned a nation where detecting drugs and alcohol in the workplace would become of paramount importance. To that end, he founded OHCI in 1988. His collegial consultations with the DoT helped them establish their drug testing protocols, and OHCI has since been a pioneer in the development and implementation of non-Federal testing programs. Dave’s vision allowed OHCI to be among the first third party administrators in the country, and our proprietary software is recognized as among the best in the industry. We are proud of the accomplishments of both Dave Johnson and OHCI in creating a safer workplace and healthier work environment for all Americans. Let us help you in creating and implementing, or improving your own Drug Testing Program.  

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