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Drugs of Abuse

Cross Reference Table

Most Drug Users are Employed




Government statistics show that 71% of drug users are employed.  A single drug user costs a company over $7,000 annually.  Substance abusers use health insurance and worker’s compensation at a rate of up to 8 times the national average.

Workplace substance abuse can be particularly damaging to small businesses

One drug-abusing employee can have a major impact on a small business that has only a few employees.  In addition, small businesses are less likely to have a drug-free workplace policy or program (such as drug testing) in place.  This may be why many drug users work in smaller establishments. For example, among those who are employed full-time and also current illicit drug users:

  1. 44% work for establishments employing 1-24 persons

  2. 43% work for establishments employing 25-499

  3. 13% work for establishments employing 500 or more

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