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OHCI LINX™ web results our new secure interface will give you access to drug and alcohol test results immediately.  You’ll have access to results on your electronic devices* such as your Computer, iPad or even your Smart Phone.  Now when you are away from your office or on the road, you’ll be able to access your test results.  Set-up is simple and fast.  Contact one of the specialists here at OHCI and we will have you set-up in minutes.  We can truly customize the system to meet your needs.  Whether it’s just for a single user or many users who need access, we can satisfy your requirements.  If you have multiple departments or locations and only want certain people to have access to those areas, we can do that.  If you’d like to be able to see all of your departments and locations, we can do that too.  You’ll have the ability to choose. Our “SEARCH” engine will find results ranging from Collection Date, Specimen ID, Donor Name, Last 4 SS# Digits, even the Reason for test, the Screen Type and Test Results too.  You’ll be able to track how many tests the company is performing by category such as Pre Employment, Randoms and see how many Post Accident tests were performed in a given period.  We will keep all results on the OHCI LINX™ system (up to 5 years) so you’ll be able to find old tests without the hassle of digging through paperwork and files.  OHCI LINX™ web results interface utilizes SSL certification for security.

Call OHCI if you’d like additional information or would like to get set up at 801-561-2777

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*cookies must be enabled on your device(s) to use the OHCI LINX™ web results interface for security purposes.

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