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Some of OHCI’s services:

  1. On-site specimen collections 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Our collectors are DoT certified to perform drug and alcohol (BAT/EBT) collections.

  2. Reporting methods: secure results through OHCI LINX™ web results interface, password encrypted email, secure fax, mail or phone.

  3. Turn around time of 12-24 hours for a negative test, 24-48 hours for a positive test.

  4. Laboratory testing performed by a SAMHSA certified laboratory.  Urine, Hair, Saliva or Quick Test are all available.

  5. On-staff Medical Review Officer (MRO).

  6. Federal DoT management and DoT audit/compliance reports (MIS).

  7. Educational training and policy development; for both federal and non-federal requirements.

  8. Computer based Scientific Random Seed Generated Consortium management (DoT and Non-DoT).

  9. No fee for rejected specimens, correction of chain of custody errors, and consultation on testing problems.

  10. On-Board Drug Kits.

  11. Custom electronic billing.

  12. Set-up of medical clinics for specimen collections from our nation-wide network, for one time or continual use.

  13. No charge for supplies or transport to the laboratory from any location in the United States.

Why not let Occupational Health Care International setup and administrate a hassle-free drug and alcohol testing program for your company?

We place the highest priority on Accuracy, Quality and Service. Combined with our low prices and convenience, you will find that we are the industry leader in workplace drug and alcohol testing.

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